8-Day Zadar active tour


Croatia tour in Zadar region, which with three national parks in close proximity, can provide a great starting point for an active tour filled with adventure just waiting for you, all while enjoying breathtaking landscapes.

8 days

Zadar active tour

from 770 EUR



  • 1.day : arrival to Zadar and check in.

Free time for a night out in Zadar.

  • 2. day: Novigrad bay sea kayaking

We start our day with sea kayaking instructions on the beach and start our trip into the Zrmanja River canyon. The water here is brackish (mixed fresh and saltwater) which is the reason for abundant life under the surface. The eel which dwells here is a favourite gourmet specialty, but we are more likely to spot turtles, fish and birds along the way.

  • 3. day: National park Paklenica hiking

Our small expedition leads us into Paklenica National Park, the most famous hiking and rock climbing National Park in Croatia. It covers the area of torrential flows of Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica, and their distinctive canyons carved vertically into the south slopes of Velebit and the broader surrounding area.

  • 4. day: visit to National park Plitvice lakes (UNESCO site)

Its exquisite series of 16 emerald green and blue travertine lakes, more than 90 waterfalls and numerous caves make it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The lakes are surrounded by beech and pine forests and are home to extensive wildlife.

  • 5. day: cycling in National Park Krka

There is hardly a better way to get around the area of the National Park Krka River then cycling. This biking route will lead you through Croatian history while enjoying a landscape of forests, hills and monuments.

  • 6. day: Rock climbing and paddleboarding in Paklenica

National Paklenica is the best and most beautiful spot in Croatia for learning freeclimbing. Our instructors will show you the techniques while you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park.

  • 7. day: Zrmanja river rafting

Zrmanja and Krupa are among the most beautiful rivers in Europe: perfectly clear warm water, spectacular canyon with magnificent waterfalls. They are easy and safe enough for beginners, but their scenery makes them also very exciting.

  • 8. day: tour ends, Departure from Zadar


Tour type:


Our adventure tours get you up & close to the destination by providing you with activities, so you can hike, bike, and multi-sport your way through beautiful scenery and wild nature. We provide the equipment, the expert guides, and the opportunity to explore Croatia in an exciting way. Prepare yourself to travel for experiences that engage the muscles as much as the mind or the heart. Whether that’s a light hike through island villages, a trek to the top of Velebit Mountain, or more physical activities like rock-climbing, ziplining or paddleboarding, adventure tours deliver as much or as little action as you need.

Service level:


3* hotels or apartments. Private transfers.

Tour complexity:


Some hiking or cycling on higher altitudes or more strenuous activities like rafting, but suitable for all healthy travellers.

Group size:

Small group

Minimum 4 persons, maximum 16 persons. Average 10 persons. Bigger groups on request. If there is less than 4 persons, also on request.

Minimum age:


All persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


3 stars hotel or apartment B&B accommodation

Activities: kayaking in Novigrad bay, hiking in Paklenica,

biking in Krka canyon, rock climbing in Paklenica canyon,

paddleboarding in Starigrad,rafting on Zrmanja river

Transfers to all activities, sites, hotel and airport



May , September –  880,00 EUR per person

June, July, August –  1040,00 EUR per person

October –  770,00 EUR per person


Minimum number of persons: 4

If less than 4, only on request as a custom made tour.


3 stars hotel or apartment B&B accommodation




Private transfers


Local guides


Dates (Start - End) Price per person
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